Why You Should Switch to Paper Tape

Why You Should Switch to Paper Tape

Paper tape offers businesses a compelling case as a greener solution than conventional tape. Not only is its functionality enhanced, but its environmental credentials make a compelling argument: switching over can bring added functionality while being better for the planet than plastic alternatives like cardboard postal boxes or biodegradable void fill. Assess whether paper tape aligns with your goals for sustainability when choosing packaging solutions such as cardboard postal boxes or biodegradable void fill.

Plastic tape, widely used in packaging applications, comes with several drawbacks that have become accepted within the industry. Switching to paper tape offers a more effective and eco-friendly solution while helping preserve the planet's resources, thus making paper tape an optimal option compared to its plastic counterpart  for companies wanting to be more eco-friendly.

What’s Wrong with Traditional Plastic Tape?

Regular plastic tape has been commonly used for packaging, but it's causing environmental concerns. People are now switching to other kinds of tape that are more eco-friendly for the sake of our planet.

Plastic tape recycling presents a serious obstacle. If any extra plastic tape remains on recyclable packaging, recycling plant machines cannot completely extract it, and thus the recycled paper or cardboard produced won't meet quality standards, rendering this part of the recycling process ineffective.

For this issue to be solved successfully, it's essential that all plastic tape from paper and cardboard recyclables be removed prior to recycling, thus creating more eco-friendly methods of packaging.

Why Is Paper Tape Better Than Plastic Tape?

Paper tape is a more environmentally friendly option compared to vinyl or polypropylene tape. It has many benefits over synthetic alternatives.

Paper tape stands out because it is:

  1. Quick and easy to use

Compatible with standard tape dispensers, facilitating a straightforward and efficient application process.

  1. A strong adhesive

Exhibits robust adhesion to various carton surfaces, ensuring parcels remain securely sealed.

  1. Cost-effective

Its economical manufacturing translates to savings on packaging costs, contributing to environmental benefits.

  1. Tear-resistant

Provides durability, safeguarding packages during transportation with its tear-resistant properties.

  1. Made from natural resources  

Boasts a smooth, natural texture that enhances the overall aesthetics of cardboard packaging.

  1. Customizable

Elevate brand awareness by incorporating logos, text, or eye-catching designs, utilizing the expertise of an in-house design team.

What Are the Environmental Benefits of Paper Tape?

Kraft paper tape boasts numerous environmental advantages, notably recognized by Amazon in their recent eco-friendly packaging initiatives, underscoring its global potential to reduce packaging waste. If it meets the standards of the world's largest online retailer, it's a fitting choice for businesses seeking sustainability.

Self-adhesive paper tape provides an effective seal to numerous cartons and boxes while making recycling much simpler. Unlike some alternatives, our eco-tape is biodegradable, compostable, and 100% recyclable, comprising 80% recycled paper content with no plastic additions for an eco-friendly touch!

Furthermore, our brown paper tape comes from sustainably sourced materials to avoid contributing to deforestation. Companies committed to environmental responsibility can make an eco-conscious choice by switching from vinyl tape to our brown paper tape—and vice versa!

Switching from Plastic to Paper Tape

While traditional sticky tape may appear risk free, there are more value-effective and environmentally pleasant options that outperform it. If you are deliberating methods to enhance the performance of your shipments, streamline packing and unpacking approaches, and make a contribution to recycling efforts, paper tape emerges as the solution. Transitioning from plastic to paper tape not simplest appeals to environmentally aware clients however also showcases your enterprise's commitment to lowering plastic waste and selling sustainability. The shift is simple, imparting a trustworthy manner to align your business with eco-friendly practices. Why no longer initiate these changes on your operations these days?

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