Importance of Sustainable and Eco Friendly Packaging in Logistics

Importance of Sustainable and Eco Friendly Packaging in Logistics

As consumers, it is our collective duty to exercise responsibility when making choices that affect the wider world. Businesses selling to consumers have an incredible opportunity to lead change. Now is the time for global shipping companies to reassess their packaging strategies and explore more eco-friendly and sustainable options!

What's the Difference Between Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Packaging?

Eco-friendly packaging refers to various packaging forms that have environmental advantages for various reasons, whether that means the materials employed, reuse and recycling potential, reduced raw material requirements, or manufacturing efficiency.

Sustainable packaging refers to materials that are biodegradable or renewable but not recyclable, like PET or HDPE plastics, which could still fit within this criteria if recycled to their full potential; their limited recyclability often ends up leading to landfill or incineration instead, rendering these less sustainable packaging options.

Why Should you Make the Change?

Beyond its environmental advantages, changing packaging options to greener alternatives also presents compelling business reasons to do so.

To Support a Healthier Planet

Choose eco-friendly packaging to foster a healthier planet By opting for environmentally-friendly packaging options, you can contribute towards creating a cleaner world, decreasing landfill waste and microplastic leakage into our environment. Compostable options may even restore nutrients back into the ground to strengthen soil health and foster an ecological ecosystem.

To Keep Ahead Of Changing Legislation

Governments worldwide are taking proactive steps to comply with changing legislation by passing new laws to curtail unsustainable packaging use, promote eco-friendly business practices with incentives that support new packaging choices and minimise waste. Sustainable packaging is the future, so now is an opportune time to lay its foundations.

To Enhance Your Brand Reputation

Eco-friendly packaging can help improve the brand reputation. Sustainable materials demonstrate your dedication and care for our planet - something both existing and potential customers will soon pick up on.

Different Types Of Sustainable Packaging

There are plenty of compelling arguments in favour of switching to more eco-friendly packaging solutions, but what options exist? Let's examine some alternatives for materials you are currently relying upon.

Paper Bubble Wrap

Paper bubble wrap offers an eco-friendly alternative to plastic bubble wrap - 100% recycled paper can be collected curbside for recycling!

Recycled Cardboard And Void Filler Paper

A great alternative to many single-use packaging material, including organic cotton wool packing, hemp bundling tape, and linen or poplin bags and wraps to protect goods in transit

Recycled Kraft Paper Tape

Recycling Kraft paper tape offers an eco-friendly alternative to standard packing tape; not only is it recyclable and biodegradable, it offers better protection and looks great too!

Ready To Make a Difference?

Of course, sustainable packaging will carry an additional price premium over its non-sustainable alternatives, and you must carefully consider their suitability with your products before choosing one of them. However, switching over is something all businesses must explore; here are a few pointers that may help.

Audit Your Current Packaging Materials

Analyze the packaging materials currently in use before choosing new ones for shipping each product. Evaluate which packaging can be replaced with more eco-friendly alternatives and consider ways to reduce wasteful excess packaging.

Listen To Your Customers And Employees

Listening to both customers and employees Customers know what matters to them when it comes to eco friendly packaging options; frontline employees could have suggestions on ways to cut waste while moving towards more eco-friendly choices.

Work with like-minded Partners

Your aim should be to form positive and collaborative relationships that promote your green goals while aiding each other in creating more eco-friendly materials and supply chain processes.

Buy in Bulk

Bulk purchasing packaging offers several environmental advantages as it reduces delivery emissions associated with multiple smaller consignments being sent directly to you.

Adopting eco-friendly packaging is not just environmentally responsible but also strategic. It reduces carbon footprints, aligns with laws, and enhances brand reputation. Despite a potential cost increase, consider the shift, audit, set green goals, collaborate, make changes incrementally, factor long-term savings, buy in bulk, and ensure continuous improvement. For eco-friendly products, check out Continual Solutions.