Eco-friendly Food Packaging For Delivery: Tips And Tricks

Eco-friendly Food Packaging For Delivery: Tips And Tricks

Rising Environmental Worries in the Food Industry

Consumer trends can have an enormous effect on the restaurant, food, and drink industries. One notable trend has been an upsurge in online food orders that has made people increasingly conscious of issues related to sustainability and how food delivery impacts our planet.

Two-thirds of customers now rank sustainable food packaging among their top priorities; this represents a dramatic shift from just five years ago. A stunning 66% are willing to pay more for products from companies that care about environmental sustainability, with half willing to do so specifically when purchasing packaged foods that won't harm our planet.

Packaging that's eco-friendly and long-term has never been more important, particularly within food delivery businesses, due to the thousands of tons of plastic that pollute oceans worldwide. Businesses willing to embrace sustainable methods not only set themselves apart from their competition but can also attract customers looking for businesses committed to making our planet greener.

Minor Adjustments, Major Impact

While a complete overhaul of packaging materials may not happen overnight, there are quick, impactful measures that every restaurant involved in delivery or takeaway services can implement promptly:

1. Customized Condiment Inclusion: Instead of automatically adding condiment packets, inquire if customers want them, reducing unnecessary waste.

2. Selective Cutlery Inclusion: Similar to platforms like Deliveroo, ask customers if they need cutlery, straws, napkins, or additional items, minimizing excess packaging.

3. Streamlined Packaging: Evaluate the necessity of multiple layers of packaging; eliminate excess wrapping and packaging materials.

4. Skip Paper Menus: As customers order online, omit physical menus from delivery packages to reduce paper waste.

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Taking the Next Step

Sustainable packaging efforts extend far beyond immediate changes, encompassing a range of innovative ideas aimed at reducing waste through recyclable, reusable, biodegradable, or compostable options. Among these eco-friendly alternatives are:

1. Plant-Based Plastics: Plant-based plastics offer great environmental advantages by being composed of plant materials like corn, bamboo, wheat, bagasse, and wood pulp; they make eco-friendly dishes such as plates and bowls, which individuals should incorporate into their lifestyles.

2. Stone paper (calcium carbonate paper) provides an eco-friendly and simple method of creating bags, boxes, and greaseproof wraps.

3. Packaging Made of Palm Leaves: Putting fresh food in packages made of palm leaves shows that you want to do things in new, eco-friendly ways.

At Continual Solutions, we provide comprehensive insights on elevating your eco-friendly packaging practices. As customers increasingly prioritize sustainability, adopting these measures not only addresses environmental concerns but also positions your restaurant as a responsible and appealing choice for conscious consumers.