5 Reasons to Choose Paper Tape for Eco-Friendly Packaging

5 Reasons to Choose Paper Tape for Eco-Friendly Packaging

Paper tape offers an eco-friendly alternative to regular plastic tape when it comes to packaging products, since its renewable materials make for easier recycling or break down over time.

Paper tape helps minimize plastic waste, an immense environmental issue. According to the United Nations Environment Programme, 8 million tons of this harmful plastic enter the ocean annually causing irreparable harm to marine life and ecosystems.

Recycled Kraft paper tape is an eco-friendly choice that makes packing and shipping simpler and stronger than ever. Here we explore why using Kraft Paper Tape in your next packaging project may be beneficial.

Why You Should Use Kraft Paper Tape


Paper tape can help the environment by coming from trees that are renewable resources. As it breaks down naturally and can be recycled easily, reducing landfill waste significantly. Furthermore, many paper tape items made with recycled materials further contribute to being eco-friendly while certain varieties may even be compostable so as to build healthy soil conditions - so when wrapping something consider choosing paper tape as it's an environmentally-friendly choice!


While paper tape may seem fragile at first glance, its durability lies in several reasons.

1. Extra Strength: Some paper tapes contain fibreglass weaved within them for extra durability against tears or punctures.

2. High adhesive Strength: Paper tape sticks really well to surfaces, even if they're not smooth or clean!

3. Thickness: When picking paper tape, remember that thicker ones are stronger and last longer. They handle wear and tear better than thin ones.

4. Water-Resistant Tape: Water-activated tape stays sticky even when it gets wet. Great for packing stuff that might encounter moisture during shipping!

5. Temperature: Paper tape can handle different temperatures. Unlike plastic tape that might lift in extreme heat or cold, paper tape stays put.


If you're sending something, you want it to get there safely and not be messed with. Paper tape helps with that. It makes a strong seal that can handle rough treatment during shipping. If someone tries to open the package, it's noticeable. Some styles even feature patterns or messages which get defaced if taken off and put back on again!

Tape is equipped with an adhesive that adheres securely to packaging materials, making removal more difficult without showing signs of tampering.

Some types, like reinforced gummed paper tape, are even stronger.


Paper tape is like a superhero in packaging. There are different types, like water-activated and pressure-sensitive tape, so it fits any situation. You can use it to seal boxes, bags, or even label your packages.

If you want to save tape, use an automatic water-activated tape dispenser. It lets you choose the exact amount you need, unlike plastic tape.

Paper tape is ideal for ensuring packages arrive where they belong safely and unharmed during shipping and handling processes, no matter where they're heading. Trust it to protect items no matter their destination!


Want your business packaging to be unique? Paper tape is the answer! This flexible material lets you add your logos, branding, and messages, giving all your packaging a consistent and professional look. You can even choose the tape colour to make your packages stand out.

Printing "Handle with Care" or "Fragile" messages onto paper tape ensures your packages will be treated appropriately during shipping. Paper tape offers businesses looking to upgrade their packaging solutions an invaluable competitive edge.

A win-win Situation

Opting for paper tape packaging practices is an environmentally friendly solution that benefits both businesses and individuals seeking a more sustainable future. Not only can it ensure package security and protection, but it can also help lower the plastic usage footprint. Paper tape offers both safety and sustainability.

Use paper tape wisely, and make sure to dispose of it correctly by recycling or composting it when no longer required for best sustainability practices. Furthermore, consider buying eco-friendly packaging products at Continual Solutions as a further means of upholding environmental commitments.